Works of the Flesh

Works of the flesh that will destroy holiness!

Adultery *Sexual unfaithfulness of a married person.
Fornication *Consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other.
Uncleanness *Morally or spiritually impure.
Lasciviousness    *Lustful, lewd.
Idolatry *The worship of a physical object as a god. Excessive devotion.
Witchcraft *The power of practices of a witch.
Hatred *Prejudiced hostility or animosity.
Variance *Disagreement, dispute, discord, to do something contrary to the usual rule.
Emulation *To strive to equal or excel.
Wrath *Violent anger.
Strife *Conflict, fight, struggle, contention.
Sedition *The causing of discontent, insurrection, or resistance against government.
Heresies *A religious opinion contrary to the church.
Envying *Painful or resentful awareness of another’s advantages.
Murder *to put an end to, to spoil by performing poorly.
Drunkenness *Of, relating to or resulting from intoxication.
Reveling *Wild parties, celebrations, to take great pleasure or satisfaction.